Robbin Koefoed (born June 27, 1985) is an danish selfimployed journalist and founding editor of He hosts the GVE News Show which airs on youtube at

Koefoed received his 15 minutes of fame when he got arrested at the Bilderberg 2014 conference and was featured in the Alex Jones Show, Infowars Nightly News, RT’s ruptly and We are Change.

Koefoed is a university dropout who have studied science and world history in his spare time. He doesn’t believe that the best way to gain knowledge is to master a schools curriculum, instead it is by passionate self study and does not require presence in a school or university.

Koefoed grew up on a small island named ‘Bogø’ and graduated from Bogø Boarding school in his teenage years. Koefoed was a late bloomer, he began his personal development in his twenties in which he learned that the world is not what presented in most books and television.